EXCERPT: “To get the most money when selling your home, the best time to list it for sale is typically the first half of May, a Zillow® analysis shows. Listing your home during this window can bring a median premium of $2,100 on the typical U.S. home — and as high as $24,400 in expensive markets. Spring is commonly known as the beginning to home shopping season, when the weather starts to turn for the better and home shoppers return to the market in droves. Early signs for 2020 suggest inventory will be historically tight and we could see the most competitive home shopping season in years. While bidding wars could be the norm in many markets this year, savvy sellers may be able to maximize their returns by listing their home at the right time. Early May is the best time to list in 17 of the 35 largest metros in the U.S. But there are some differences across the country, which could be impacted by local market dynamics or even the weather — buyers don’t want to drive to showings or open houses through the snow, if they can avoid it. The earliest is in San Diego, where the second half of March is typically the best time to list. The latest is in Cincinnati, where sellers see the greatest premium when listing their home in the first half of July. The typical premiums when listing during these windows are greatest in San JoseMinneapolis-St. Paul and Seattle.” FULL STORY: https://fluence-media.co/32wpBGA