MHA logo(2)via MHA President Mary Rippe in the Star Tribune:

“The Met Council is working in partnership with property owners and residents in a program called the Community Choice Housing Assistance Program. The program will offer training and other services to both residents and property owners.

 The opposite is happening in Minneapolis. Glidden has insisted upon leading the charge on an ordinance without doing her homework.

As with most regulated industries, the regulation of housing is complex, and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s programs are even more complex than local initiatives.

There are 100,000 units of rental housing in the city of Minneapolis, with more apartments being built. The Glidden effort would make participation mandatory for all Minneapolis properties. It would create longer wait times for residents looking for housing by imposing onerous bureaucratic inspections on an already-stretched staff. And it would further concentrate housing disparities that the Met Council aims to disperse throughout its new initiative.”  READ MORE: