SUN current-logoEXCERPT: “As developers try to capitalize on a hot rental market, the city of Richfield is trying to determine how far its authority extends in protecting low-income tenants. After hundreds of low-income renters were displaced from Crossroads Apartments last year, and after a similar scenario was narrowly avoided at another large Richfield apartment complex in April, city leaders gathered last month to assess their options to preserve affordable housing in Richfield. Aeon, a nonprofit organization that buys properties to preserve affordable housing options, signed a purchase agreement in April for the 422-unit Seasons Park Apartments, keeping the property out of the hands of a developer who was thought to have designs on renovating the complex, which would have forced out low-income renters. Shortly after Aeon signed the purchase agreement for Seasons Park, city leaders heard from the Housing Justice Center, which recommended ways to prevent similar close calls for financially vulnerable tenants.” FULLSTORY: