EXCERPT: “It is no secret that the city of Minneapolis has some of the worst racial disparities in the country. From lack of affordable housing to wage gaps, Minneapolis has historically failed to maintain an equitable playing field for its residents of color. The City is now looking to close those gaps with its forthcoming Minneapolis 2040 Comprehensive plan. Currently, in draft form, the 2040 Plan will serve as a guide for the City’s economic development, land use and natural resource decisions for the next 10 years. According to the plan’s website, its goal is to achieve greater equity in Minneapolis by having the City invest in ‘education, skills training, small business support and other support systems to help residents access opportunities to gain and retain well-paying employment.’ It will also look to provide more affordable housing in areas that lack options due to past racially discriminatory practices like housing covenants and redlining.” FULLSTORY: http://bit.ly/2LNC3sC