EXCERPT: “Dozens of families on Minneapolis’s north side recently got some really bad news from the city: They would have to move out by Feb. 28. It’s not because of anything they did. It’s because of their landlord, Mahmood Khan. The city of Minneapolis revoked all 42 of his rental licenses for not maintaining his properties. Over the past decade, he’s received thousands of citations from the city. A recent court order will allow tenants to stay in their homes beyond the end of February, but the city still hopes Khan’s tenants can find new places to live. Many of Khan’s tenants say they want to move, too, but they can’t find anywhere else to go. There’s currently less than a 2 percent vacancy rate for affordable housing in Minneapolis, so landlords can be picky and turn away tenants with bad credit, criminal records or previous evictions.” FULLSTORY: http://bit.ly/2zDNhZD