EXCERPT: “Minneapolis City Council President Lisa Bender got her start in politics in 2009, lobbying the city for more bike lanes. Now, she’s leading the city’s effort to make over the zoning laws that dictate its entire built form…Her vision: Denser, more walkable neighborhoods with fewer single-family homes and fewer cars. She wants to see businesses mixed in with homes, more apartments — and smaller apartments — along major transit corridors, and more affordable housing everywhere in the city…Minneapolis is currently finalizing its comprehensive plan, a hulking document the city creates once a decade that spells out how it wants to develop over the next 20 years. Once the city passes this plan, it will turn its attention to overhauling its zoning code next year. That will likely be the biggest change in land use policy since the city created its very first zoning map in 1960, which set aside large swaths of the city exclusively for single-family homes. That’s been a boon for bungalows, but Bender and housing advocates say it’s no longer sustainable. ‘If we don’t build the housing we need to accommodate our population growth, we’re just going to see rising rents,’ Bender said.” FULLSTORY: http://bit.ly/2r98isY