EXCERPT: “Near the Mississippi River, just across from downtown St. Paul, stands the West Side Flats, an apartment building where all 178 units are smoke-free. Resident Mary Nelson said living in a smoke-free building was definitely a selling point for her. ‘The air seems cleaner. It’s healthier,’ she said. Nelson said smokers living in the building go across the street to light up. ‘If you do smell smoke, it’s not the norm,’ she said. For nonsmokers like Nelson, it’s easy to find apartments where you shouldn’t catch a whiff of tobacco. Thousands of apartment buildings in Minnesota have declared themselves smoke-free. West Side Flats is owned by Sherman Associates, which has 5,000 apartment units in the Twin Cities. Senior vice president Chris Sherman said the company snuffed out smoking in its buildings about eight years ago. ‘You cannot smoke within our units. You cannot smoke within our common areas. You cannot smoke within a certain number of feet of the building,’ he said.” FULL STORY: http://bit.ly/2U5J6l6