EXCERPT: “The U.S. is currently experiencing its longest economic expansion on record. Over the past decade, gross domestic product rose, unemployment rates fell and thoughts of the Great Recession faded into the abyss of time. While all of that was happening, much of the U.S. housing market recovered as well. U.S. home prices were up more than 50% in 2018 since bottoming out in the 2008 recession, according to global property analytics firm CoreLogic, and they’re expected to increase by 5.6% by September 2020. The steady rise in home values is an encouraging sign for the economy, but too much growth can lead to instability — and instability naturally leads to collapse. A hot housing market may indicate a budding town with a healthy employment rate, attractive jobs and growing wages. However, it could also mean that sellers are becoming greedy and listing homes far above their natural value. To determine which housing markets in the U.S. are the most overpriced, GOBankingRates used data from Zillow to analyze the difference between the median list price and median home value for single-family residences in the nation’s largest housing markets.” FULL STORY: https://yhoo.it/2EBTCtu