EXCERPT: “Businesses in communities short of housing commonly donate money to build apartments, or help employees buy homes, but a central Minnesota meatpacker bought an entire apartment building to shelter some of its new employees. Long Prairie Packing, part of the Wisconsin-based American Foods Group, bought an old apartment building in Alexandria three years ago mostly for new workers. ‘We can bring people to the area, get them settled in their jobs,’ American Foods’ President Steven Van Lannen said. It is not like a company town of years past because the idea is for the workers to move on to other homes, often eight to 10 weeks after starting with the beef packer. The building had been used mostly by Alexandria college students, Van Lannen said, and its small rooms do not work well for families. But it is a good recruiting tool for people new to the area or the meat packing business, he said.” FULLSTORY: http://bit.ly/2BEF4Xg