Minnesota is one of the most expensive locations for renters in the Midwest as we see increases in rent prices and decreases in median income since 2000. While data shows that minimum wage earners struggle to afford an unattainable rent; 14,000 men, women and children remain homeless in Minnesota.

To combat these harsh realities, Aeon was formed in 1986 by the Central Community Housing Trust to address the demolition of 350 units while the Minneapolis Convention Center was built. Almost 30 years later, Aeon helps to house 4,500 residents in 42 unique buildings including seniors, families and homeless.

With locations in the greater Minneapolis and St. Paul area, Aeon is fueled largely by donations, most of which come from their annual Beyond Bricks and Mortars breakfast fundraiser. Their 2016 edition of the fundraiser took in $538,883.

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